First Sports Bra Was Invented In 1977

That's right ladies the first sports bra was invented in 1977 by lisa lindahl and polly smith and it was two jockstraps sewed together! For being as widespread as it is, it may be surprising to learn that the sports bra was only invented in 1977 — and it was initially called the “jockbra,” so named because its first design was literally made from two jockstraps sewn together.

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No where is that truer than for athletes and fitness buffs, who so often have had to jimmy together the one thing they need to perform their sport better.

First sports bra was invented in 1977. Back in 1977, lisa lindahl uprooted an industry with her jogbra by abbey gingras via. The sports bra was invented in the summer of 1977 by two women who grew up in montclair and the help of friend from canada. 12 years after they founded the company, they sold it to playtex, which today is part of the.

The first sports bra was invented in 1977. The first sports bra was two jock straps stitched together by lisa lindahl and polly smith. This was the summer of 1977, during the height of both the women’s liberation movement and the first jogging craze.

Show more when lisa lindahl couldn't find a comfortable bra to run in, she decided to design one. Or what it was like to run before it was invented? We caught up with lindahl, who now lives in south carolina, to learn more about her first sports bra, jockstraps for women, and running a business with no desire to make money.

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The first sports bra was a jockstrap! Necessity breeds creation and that was what brought about the first sports bra. The memory foam bra makes an entrance.

Bouncing breasts hurt, as women getting in on the jogging craze found out. Hinda miller, who was an assistant costume designer to smith at the time, decided to take the idea even farther. First modern sports bra turns 40 :

First sports bra as exercising and fitness became more popular, there was a need for something much more supportive. A sports bra prototype was born. Yet for all the things women did in their maidenform bras, running in comfort.

The first commercially available sports bra was the free swing tennis bra introduced by glamorise foundations, inc. Sports bras have come a long way in a relatively short time. As fitness became more popular, women needed a bra with more support.

The new york magazine said that it was the first bra that was created with movement, and athleticism, with keeping the women specifically in mind. We kick things off in 1977, with a trio of women who collaborated on the very first primitive. After speaking with her sister (another jogger) victoria woodrow, who was complaining about her bad.

Collection, a set of archival materials and artifacts relating to the development of the first sports bra. Then some friends in vermont had an idea to stitch a couple jock straps together to build a contraption to keep things in place. Big sports companies such as nike and reebok quickly paid attention and started to produce similar products, but that didn’t make their product any less profitable.

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Fleet feet mount pleasant fit specialists sara pettapiece and jennifer roberts recently sat down (via zoom) with lisa z. Thankfully, the first sports bra — appropriately called the jogbra. In 1977 she and a friend fashioned the first modern sports bra and built a company.

What seems like such a staple in a woman’s bra wardrobe has really not been in existence very long. The sports bra is invented. The first general exercise bra, initially called a jockbra, was invented in 1977 by lisa lindahl and theater costume designer polly smith with the help of smith's assistant, hinda schreiber.both lindahl and her sister, victoria woodrow, complained about their bad.

One of the original jogbras is bronzed and on display near the costume shop of the theatre. In 1977, lisa lindahl, polly smith and hinda mille invented the first sports bra in the costume shop of royall tyler theatre at the university of vermont. In 2013, the american history museum acquired the jogbra, inc.

An equally amazing fact is that their company was profitable from the first year. In 1977, three women sewed two jockstraps together, and the first modern sports bra was born. Prior to the invention of the sports bra in 1977, women like these ice skaters in 1951 exercised in “sports corsets.

So many great inventions spawned from a moment of desperation. Lindahl who invented the original jogbra in 1977. “you see the sports bra wasn’t invented until 1977, but even today, girls are being asked to play in unisex basketball shoes, and a number of other things,” says hobart.

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The first sports bra was developed only around 40 years ago and you’re not going to believe how it was invented! Thus, in 1977, lisa lindahl invented the first sports bra and called her jogbra. The feminists started to protest against bras because they believed that the bras were actually torture devices for women.

In 1977, women were still subjected to running, working out, riding horses, and cycling in their. The smart memory bra, the first memory foam bra, was created in 2009. Lisa had tried jogging in her regular bra and found it too “bouncy”.

The first sports bra, by champion, was two jock straps stitched together. It was two jockstraps sewn together. Meet the woman who invented the sports bra.

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