Comunita`  Chersina
An interactive forum for Chersini throughout the world.
                SCOPE OF THIS SITE
This is the Internet site of the Society Francesco Patrizio della
Comunita` Chersina`, formed by the people originally from
theisland of Cherso (presently Cres) and scattered throughout the
world from 1943 on as a result of this island being ceded to
Yugoslavia at the end of World War II, it is primarily addressed to
them and their descendants.
On this site we will present Cherso from a point of view
geo-morphological, scientific and historic, non partisan, non
The scope which is proposed is to bring to light and alive the
memory and the story of Cherso and come to defend from any
eventual falsification and forgery as stated above, and not to stoke
old hatreds, will also remember the exodus, which pofoundly
changed the lives of those who fled and those who stayed, but will
also narrate the story of Cherso and its surrounding villages, those
of its illustrious personalities, its old customs and practices, dresses
of the period, traditions, dialect, and its culinary. We may also
write about present day subjects.
All of our people and their offsprings scattered around world are
invited to share on this site their thoughts and memories.
Croatian    Italian
Belej  ----------  Bellei
Beli  -----------  Caisole
Cres  ----------  Cherso
Dragozetici ---  Dragosetti
Loznati --------  San Giovanni della Vigna
Lubenice  ------ Lubenizze
Martinscica ---- San Martino
Merag  --------- Smergo
Orlec ----------- Aquilonia
Osor  ----------- Ossero
Pernat  --------- Pernata
Porozina  ------  Faresina
Predoscica  ---- La Sella
Punta Kriza  ---  Puntacroce
Sv.Ivan  ------- San Giovanni
Valun  ---------  Vallon
Vodice  --------  Aquette
Vrana  ---------  Villa di Vrana
Tramuntana  --  Tramontana  
(region      north from the town of Cres)
Cherso (Cres)
Ossero (Osor)